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Blow Bars from Star Mesh
Star Mesh understands these requirements, and after more than 20 years of reducing downtime, we have the experience as well. This understanding is more than just the “One Size Fits All” approach of many other wear parts providers who don’t understand the critical variables in choosing a successful metallurgy for a given application.

As the exclusive master distributor for a Tier 1 chrome foundry, Star Mesh has the ability to tailor specific metallurgies to a given set of crushing variables.  Understanding the differences between running an impactor with 4 bars or with 2 and 2 dummies, changes to the rotor speed and surface/tip speed in meters/second and how that relates to apron settings, have been learned over many hard years of optimizing crushing for producers all over North America, working with a range of materials from sand and gravel, to crushed stone, to recycling concrete, to processing rap.  Understanding that a given metallurgy can have two very different characteristics depending on heat-treating is the level of understanding that you can expect when you work with Star Mesh.

Just because a blow bar looks like, weighs the same and supposedly has the same chemistry, does not mean that they are the same and only bars with Star Mesh’s MAXWEAR logo cast into the body can call themselves MAXWEAR. All Star Mesh blow bar metallurgies are infused with MAXWEAR Ceramic insert technology (MAXC) which increases wear life significantly, giving the bars extreme wear resistance coupled with the benefits of the base metallurgy.

Choose from Star Mesh’s standard blow bar offerings:

STAR-2 (+MAXC): Martensitic alloy, great resistance to impact, a medium resistance to abrasion. Usually recommended for the recycling business or working conditions where there’s possibility of uncrushable objects entering the crusher chamber (excavator tooth, rebar, etc). Also, in cases where there is excessive feed size. This is the most versatile alloy, and in case of doubt, provides a great wear option and with no risk of breakage.
STAR-25.1/STAR-25BC/STAR-25HC (+MAXC): These are different variations of high chrome with high hardness, great abrasion resistance, and lower resistance to impact. To be applied where working conditions are such that there’s almost no chance of big feed size or uncrushable objects being introduced. We recommend it for tertiary and some secondary crushing with a prepared and consistent feed size. Feed size control should be 10% smaller in size than the one indicated by the crusher manufacturer, and if possible, Metal Detectors are strongly recommended. The crusher setup, blow bar geometry and working conditions will determine selection.
STAR-550/STAR-600 (+MAXC): Also high chrome, but in comparison to STAR-25.1/STAR-25BC/STAR-25HC (+MAXC), these have slight lower hardness. In the case of incomplete data on the crushing environment but suggesting a high chrome bar, these are good starting points. The crusher setup, blow bar geometry and working conditions will determine selection.
Star Mesh is pleased to offer blow bars for the following machine brands:

For your convenience, Star Mesh is pleased to offer these crushing products in addition to our MAXWEAR blow bars:

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Grizzly Scalper Deck
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