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Replacement Woven Wire Screen from Star Mesh
When you choose Star Mesh’s replacement woven wire screen, you’re receiving a high-quality product with a minimum of downtime. We offer a wide range of replacement woven wire screens with different hook and edge styles. Shrouding materials include galvanized carbon and steel, with other materials available upon request. Canvas and rubber inserts are also available for additional pullout resistance.
We are pleased to offer same-day shipping on most specs of replacement woven wire screen. Some of the advantages of choosing Star Mesh include:

Any hook and edge style
Multiple wire diameters per aperture
Slotted and square mesh
Woven Wire Screens Verses Shape Wire Screens

Star Mesh can provide you with a wide selection of openings in high carbon or oil tempered wire, so you’ll get the perfect replacement woven wire screen for your application. All of our replacement woven wire screens meet the same high standards as our other products, and our experienced staff will be happy to answer any of the questions you might have. 

Piano Wire Screen
Harp Wire Screens
Shape Wire Screens
KleenSkreen Finger Deck
End Tension Screen Decks
Perforated Plate Screen & Punch Plate Screen
Grizzly Finger Decks
Trommel Drum Screens
The Samscreen Difference

3 wire types (high carbon, oil tempered, stainless steel)
Widest range of openings, wire diameters and hook styles
Ability to produce the widest and longest screens
Ease of installation
Most cost-effective screen on the market (cost per ton produced – Quality of wire, longevity of screen)
All screens individually tested for fit and accuracy (hydraulic stretcher)
Industry leading turnaround time
Star Mesh Wear Cost Guarantee (best, most cost-effective product on the market based on cost per ton produced)
Fully integrated manufacturing
CNC Rolling, CNC Machining
In-house Engineering
Customization and per-approval drawings for each order
Use of domestic raw materials with certifications and traceability
ISO Compliant
Wide industry knowledge and experience